Structure and Strength

Last week we discussed the importance of structure as it relates to function.  This week we go more in depth to this topic as it relates to strength.  The importance to strength is absolutely necessary in regards to almost all aspects of life.  The stronger you are the better equipped you will be for almost all activities related to everyday living AND your fitness and health related goals.  To be clear, getting stronger doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get huge muscles.  What is does mean is that you will develop the ability to stabilize the structures of your body as you move to perform your desired task.  As we discussed last week this ability to perform a desired function comes from the structural integrity of your foundation related to that specific function.  The MOST important component when developing strength is structural balance.  If there is a structural shift that creates muscular imbalance then you will never achieve optimal potential as it relates to strength.  

In order to get stronger there are simple steps to follow that are well documented. The perspective that is critical to understand is how important the structural alignment of your body is in order to maximize the efforts of building strength.  The old adage of “work smarter not harder” definitely pertains to building muscle as well.  Follow the steps in the linked article and make sure to concentrate on the structural balance not only in your spine but the rest of your body as well.  Structure and strength… it’s time to get strong.

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